Visitor Policy

 Visitor Policy

GC Riley & Company’s commitment is to provide the cleanest, safest, and highest quality produce that a consumer can buy. GC Riley & Company staff are trained to recognize and approach food safety protocol as the top priority in accordance with state, federal, and company standards. Because of this, to maintain a safe environment for visitors, customers, and staff, any guests, upon arrival of GC Riley & Company grounds, agree to follow and uphold GC Riley & Company’s “Visitor Policy.” GC Riley & Company reserves the right to deny and/or dismiss guests for failure to uphold the “Visitor Policy” agreement.



  • If a visitor feels sick in anyway, he/she should not partake in tours, or enter growing/packaging areas.
  • All visitors must wash hands after using the restroom and use hand sanitizer before entering any packaging or growing areas.
  • No animals/pets are allowed at any time with visitors, unless said visitor requires the use of a service animal.
  • No visitor is permitted to touch/handle produce at any time unless given express consent by GC Riley & Company staff.
  • No visitor is allowed to touch/handle equipment or tools at any time.
  • No smoking, vaping, or tobacco of any kind is allowed by visitors on GC Riley & Company premises.
  • No backpacks or bags are allowed in growing or packaging areas.
  • Please notify GC Riley & Company staff of any injuries or concerns, or if blood/bodily fluids contact any surface in growing or packaging areas.


Disclaimer: GC Riley & Company is not responsible for injuries or lost/stolen goods. The "Visitor Policy" can be subject to change for any reason, at any time. 

Thank you for your cooperation!