Welcome to GC Riley Company

We offer premium exotic fruits right here in the heart of the Ozarks as well as exotic varieties sourced from family farms all over the world.

It all started with a passion for growing and sourcing fruit rarely seen and included in diets. My name is Colton Drollinger, and I was attending Missouri State University when I came across a plant called Passion Fruit. It was intriguing and caught my eye, so I told my father Greg about it, and that got the wheels of the vision turning. We wanted to offer a product people in our area don’t see very often and educate them on it, and extend that across the U.S.

We put our ideas to work and broke ground in 2019, erecting our first greenhouse and filling it with Pitahaya plants, utilizing a practice known as “confinement growing.” This is placing a product in an enclosed environment, usually with higher density, and controlling every aspect of that environment to increase quality, productivity, and yields. We applied these methods to growing our very own exotic fruits.

Since completing our first greenhouse, we have been committed to growing and sourcing exotic fruits and offering them directly to consumers to obtain an experience they’ve never had before. Our every effort is geared towards making sure our products are grown with the utmost care, whether in our state-of-the-art facilities, or in our partner farms around the world. GC Riley & Company cares about what we do and what our customers consume.

Our Values

At GC Riley & Company, we hold our core values close to our hearts, and everything we source or produce is a direct extension of these values. You will taste the difference.