Magenta Flesh Halley's Comet Dragon Fruit

Halley's Comet (Hylocereus undatus x polyrhizus), is a cross between red flesh dragon fruit and white flesh dragon fruit. This hybrid contains a beautiful magenta colored flesh, and pink to slightly red skin. Fruit is considered to be medium to large in size. As with all dragon fruit, add Halley's Comet's unique and delightful flavor to your favorite drink/smoothie, or enjoy fresh by itself.

For best results and to better ensure fruit quality, a delivery time frame of two days or less is highly recommended. Please see GC Riley & Company's "Shipping Policy" for more information.


What makes dragon fruit special?

Dragon fruit are naturally high fiber, and loaded with antioxidants which may help reduce free radicals. Naturally fat free and packed with vitamins and minerals.

You're about to fall in love.

Perfect for breakfast or a low-in-sugar snack! Try them straight out of the rind or blended with your favorite smoothie ingredients! A perfect blend of sweet and tart all in one.

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